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I've been a friend of your's for awhile, and your photos really blow me away.

At my Eagle Scout Court of Honor, you, a fellow Eagle, did a great job photographing the event.

My mother particularly appreciates them and has a few around the house to show off.

I would definitely recommend Paul Oliver Photography

Alex B
Woburn, Massachusetts


I am a member of the Order of the Arrow. This organization is the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America.

At an awards banquet that I attended sponsored by the Order of the Arrow,  I had a few photographs taken by my friend and fellow Order of the Arrow member Paul Oliver.

Paul Oliver Photography has been taking photographs for this organization for quite some time.

I am impressed by the quality of his photography.

I think he  should keep up the good work.

I hope to see him at other events taking photographs.

It is a good talent that Paul Oliver has.

Raymond I
Watertown, Massachusetts


Paul Oliver Photography is one of the best I've seen.

Paul's photographs always come out clear and are perfect for showing friends and family.

He helped photograph my friend's Eagle project and all the photos came out crystal clear.

I would highly recommend him for any photo projects you are looking to do.

Sean M
Lexington, Massachusetts


You take astonishing photos and captures life's precious moments perfectly.

Always at the right place at the right time.

I'm very pleased with all your work.

I'd recommend Paul Oliver Photography to all who seek a beautiful memory to be captured perfectly.

Jennie G
Billerica, Massachusetts


You are such an amazing photographer.

You took pictures for the various cross country, swim and track & field  events that I have been apart of.

You have been able to capture amazing moments.

 Your timing is amazing and your photos make you feel like your there.

I love looking at his photos they are such great quality.

Paul is so dedicated and a great person.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for some good pictures.

Caitlin K
Tewksbury, Massachusetts 


Your photos of the  Shawsheen Tech Rams baseball team were astonishing. 

They were dead on perfect timing as well as great quality.

They have not just helped me remember the great times, but they have also helped me send these pictures out to college coaches which has been great.

For any person seeking the need of a photographer that takes quality photos, I highly recommend Paul Oliver Photography .

Thank you for everything.

Dan M
Tewksbury, Massachusetts 


I loved the pictures you took in spring 2013 of my baseball team and this year's  fall football team .

They were great to show friends, family and to send to college coaches.

I highly recommend Paul Oliver for any photography endeavors he seeks.

Great work by a great person!

Matt L
Tewksbury, Massachusetts 


I love how your pictures portray every detail as if they were coming alive.

Your action photos of track & field makes people want to go back in time to see the moments again.

He takes pretty spectacular photos. 

Charlene C 
Billerica, Massachusetts 

Hey Paul,

I got to say, I've never really told you this, but you're really talented with a camera.

You've got images of me throughout my high school career from running track freshman year all the way to graduation, and the quality and eye for detail really shows in each of them.

I really like your work and would be honored if you took more when needed in the future.

Kyle D 
Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Hey Paul,

You can take a photo and bring it back to life.

Only a true photographer can do it.

I loved all the hockey photos he took throughout my high school years.

He took pretty amazing hockey action photos when I played on the high school team.

Samantha D
Billerica, Massachusetts 


The time and effort put into Paul Oliver Photography is without a doubt the best photography I have ever experienced.

He recently took some photos of me at my swim meets.

 My family had thought they were absolutely stunning!

Some plan on possibly using them for their weddings!

I'll never use anyone else. Thank Paul. You're the best!!!

Michael P
Tewksbury, Massachusetts 


The pictures that you took of both the JV and Varsity soccer teams at Shawsheen Tech in the fall of 2013 were amazing.

You really captured the moments on the field.

 I would recommend Paul Oliver to anyone who is in need of any type of photograph being taken.

Keep up the great work!

Annmarie R
Billerica, Massachusetts


Your photographs tell a story about the persons past and the sky is always a crisp blue in the back ground, clouds are swaying like ponies on a track.

You really highlight the persons life in one snazzy pic.

Snapshots of each enduring moment of the game.

Really spectacular Paul.

 I am really thrilled and honored to have been around in your "Shawsheen Era".

Now grow into the beautiful photographer butterfly that you're destined to be Paul.

Kerin O
Billerica, Massachusetts

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